Exhibitions & projects 2022

Upcoming Exhibitions and Art projects

Red's House of dolls - Natasha Lester

6th October - 11th October 2022

Open hours Thursday - Monday 10am-6.30pm, Tuesday 9am-4.30pm

A place where creative dreams come true.

Paintings, one off clothing pieces and unusual creations as we delve into the mind of Natasha Lester. 

Featuring walk in Caricature drawings and guest artists of various mediums and mindsets, because a house ain't nothing without it's special guests and party tricks.

Come for a visit, delighted to have you.

Why would they look like us? - Chrys Anthemum

12th - 26th October 2022

Open hours to be confirmed

‘Why Would They Look Like Us?’ combines abstract shapes and patterns to create alien creatures,
distinctly different from life on earth. It began as an exploration of the human ego, by challenging the
expected imaginings of extraterrestrial life as humanoid. Removing the artist or viewer from the artwork
turned out to be impossible- both Chrys and the viewer are within every painting, sculpture, drawing,
and piece of embroidery.

In Response - Megan Campbell, Renee Marjolein, Susannah Salter & Dianne Derbyshire

2nd - 16th November 2022

Open hours to be confirmed

A group exhibition of 4 local artists working in different media. It includes painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. The artists will also work and demonstrate in the gallery during their show.

Saori freestyle weaving - Louise Cook

18th  - 25th January 2023

Open hours to be confirmed

Louise will exhibit saori garnments and also demonstrate this very special Japanese weaving technique.