2022 Projects

The Creativity Scene - A collective Christmas shop

1st - 15th December 2022

10am to 6pm daily

A collaborative exhibition and Christmas shop by local artists working in different medium. Your one stop shop for all special Christmas pressies. Participating artists:

  • Janet Smith - Pottery, Natasha Lester - Mixed media, Amina Moffasir - Painting, Dominique Pratt - Drawing & dried flower art, Louise Cook - Saori weaving & Pottery, Marcia Colquhoun - Jewelry, Sylvia Sinel - Pottery & Painting

When two skies mix by Cam Hutcheson

23rd - 30th November 2022

Open hours 23rd Opening 7-9pm, 24th 6-9pm,  25th 10-4.30pm, 26th 8.30-11.30am, 27th 9-11.30am, 28th closed, 29th 10-3pm

" When Two Skies Mix" shares local artist Cam Hutcheson's view from his Canadian travels to Vancouver and surrounding areas. Painted with a fresh energy of exploration each painting is filled with vibrant colors and hidden details. The artist will be continuing workon a larger piece while exhibiting in the gallery.

In Response - Megan Campbell, Renee Marjolein, Susannah Salter & Dianne Derbyshire

3rd to 15th November 2022

Open hours 10am - 3pm daily

A group exhibition of 4 local artists working in different media. It includes painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. The artists will also work and demonstrate in the gallery during their show.

Red's House of dolls - Natasha Lester

6th October - 11th October 2022

Open hours Thursday - Monday 10am-6.30pm, Tuesday 9am-4.30pm

A place where creative dreams come true.

Paintings, one off clothing pieces and unusual creations as we delve into the mind of Natasha Lester. 

Featuring walk in Caricature drawings and guest artists of various mediums and mindsets, because a house ain't nothing without it's special guests and party tricks.

Come for a visit, delighted to have you.

Why would they look like us? - Chrys Anthemum

12th - 26th October 2022

Open hours to be confirmed

‘Why Would They Look Like Us?’ combines abstract shapes and patterns to create alien creatures, distinctly different from life on earth. It began as an exploration of the human ego, by challenging the expected imaginings of extraterrestrial life as humanoid. Removing the artist or viewer from the artwork turned out to be impossible- both Chrys and the viewer are within every painting, sculpture, drawing,and piece of embroidery.

Joy - Stacey Moore

10th August - 17th August 2022

Open hours:Wed 10th Aug opening night 7-9pm

Thurs-Sat: 9am-4:30pm
Mon-Tues: 9am-4.30pm

Joy is a collection of original, abstract artwork painted in
acrylic on canvas. It features vibrant colours aimed at bringing joy to
contemporary spaces. 

Travels with each/other - Oliver Stewart & Anna Nielsen

14th July - 26th July 2022

10am - 4pm daily

"Mother and son, Anna Nielsen and Oliver Stewart, have established their separate practices over several years, collaborating sporadically. The exhibit, Travels with each/other, includes a range of work from their own catalogs, meeting in the middle with sculpture produced by Anna and painted by Oliver.  
Anna has several decades of experience producing wood sculpture and children's toys for her teaching practice, while Oliver has focussed primarily on painting and screen based multimedia.
The artists intend to combine their different fields of work into a story driven exhibit that communicates the divergent experiences of Aotearoa art and culture." 

Art Life - Exhibition & workshops with Susannah Salter & Susan St Lawrence

29th June - 5th July 2022

OPENING Wednesday 29th June 6.30-8.30 PM

Open hours See worskhop schedule or link below

Friends, artists, and experienced tutors, Susan and Susannah join forces to bring Gallery 9 on Braid a figure-focussed exhibition, plus a week of painting and drawing classes and workshops. From life drawing to

collage, charcoal to mixed media, experimental portraiture, have a go, improve your work, and sneak a peek at our Art Life.
Both artists encourage an experimental and dynamic approach to work: small classes, live models. Booking essential.

Find an outline of the week here


Matariki week

23rd - 28th June 2022

Thu, Fri, Mon, Tue 10am - 2.30 pm

Gail Drake, Sylvia Sinel & Barbara Sinel will be in the gallery working away and doing demonstrations. You'll be able to see the artists in actions and try your hands at a few different techniques. A selection af art and craft will be for sale.

Paintings & drawings by Fiona Hayward

15th June - 21st June 2022

Daily 10am - 5pm

Realism is my preferred style of painting and drawing a single wildlife subject, sometimes with an abstract background.  My first solo exhibition held in Feb 2020 was a series of artworks I had been working on for over ten years, these were about mankind's relationship with nature & how The Line between Endangered & Extinction is in mankind's control.   

Art and wildlife are both important to me and I plan to continue with works that focus on our wildlife's beauty and some of the challenges they face in a changing climate. 

I enjoy drawing with standard pencils and painting with acrylic's as well as oils. 

Paintings by Charlotte Giblin

4th May - 22nd May 2022

Open hours 10am - 4pm Wed-Sun (closed Mon and Tue)

Charlotte Giblin is a full-time contemporary artist, creative mentor and speaker based in New Plymouth. Charlotte is excited to be coming to do a residency at Gallery9 for 3 weeks, painting in the gallery space! There will also be an extensive exhibition of her new textured acrylic landscape works on the walls, all of which are for sale. Come and see a painter in action, ask questions, and view these bright and inspiring story-telling works!

Open gallery + Art by Sylvia Sinel

19th April - 3rd May 2022

Open hours 10am - 2pm Mon-Fri 

Come and check out the gallery and get inspired for your future creative project. St Andrews Village Art Co-ordinator Sylvia Sinel will be in the gallery Mon-Fri 10AM-2PM to show you around and answer all your questions. 

Sylvia will also exhibit some of her latest works both sculpture and paintings.

Blank canvas - Gallery9 open evening

13th April 6.30 - 8:30 PM

Come and check out the Gallery and get inspired for your future creative projects. We would love to see you there and share the story behind this great new asset for our creative community.